Dear notaries

As advised during the level 4 lockdown in 2020 in the opinion of the Council it is essential that we continue to provide a service to the public.

Attached to this email is the following:

  1. A letter from the Society to all Notaries.
  2. Suggested form of Notarial Certificate for Remote Notarisation which you may wish to adapt/amend to your particular circumstance.

As you know, under level 4 restrictions, you are not allowed to meet with any member of the public as the message is STAY HOME.  However, the Council believes that if you follow the suggested procedure as outlined in the letter you can still conduct your Notarial services to the public.


Stewart Germann

Notice-to-Notaries COIVD-19 lockdown level 4

Notarial-Certificate-for-Remote-Notarisation as at 20 August 2021