Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that we are asked regularly.  If you have a question not answered here, get in touch and we can provide some assistance.

Recently I had a document certified by notary public and they kept copies of all my documents. Are they required to keep copies of the documents and identification details I supplied?

It is a legal obligation on Notaries that they retain copies of documents they action and any identification documents used for that purpose. The requirement of the international convention for Notary actions is that they can be independently verified by the overseas person or authority receiving the documents.  This can be done by contacting the Notary direct or through our Department of Internal Affairs who are the official government department responsible for authenticating New Zealand Notaries.

As part of that convention/process the notary has to be able to compare the document held by the recipient against the copy retained by them in their records.

Be assured your documents and the information contained in them is otherwise retained confidentially by the Notary under the legal obligations upon them both as a Notary and as a New Zealand Lawyer.  They can only be used by the Notary for that verification process and cannot be disclosed or used by them for any other purpose.

We wish to obtain the services of a Notary Public to witness a signature on a document. How much does it cost?

There is no fixed scale of fees for Notary services. It will depend on the nature of the service required and the number of documents involved.
You would need to locate a Notary and telephone or email them with details of the services required in order to obtain an estimate.

I need a NZ notarization for a document. I am now living overseas. Can I email my document to you?

If the notary is able to verify the document from the issuing authority then the Notarization can be completed on that email copy.

This is different from when you are required to sign a document.  In that case you must sign in front of the Notary personally after proving your identity.

How do I make an appointment to see a Notary Public?

Locate a notary convenient to you and telephone their office or email them to arrange the appointment.
An appointment is essential.

My document is in a foreign language. How do I find a NZ notary who speaks this language?

It is not necessary that the Notary understands the foreign language. As long as the person signing the document understands the language and the effect of the document they are signing. The Notary is only identifying the person signing and witnessing their signature.

I have a PoA that I would like to have notarized in NZ for use in Hong Kong. Do I need to have the PoA authenticated by the NZ DIA after it has been notarized?

It is always advisable to check with the authority or person receiving the document whether it requires further authentication after completion by the Notary. If they advise further authentication is required then the Notary can advise you on that or you can check the website (Authentications link) to determine what further form of authentication is required.
Hong Kong is an Apostille while the People’s Republic of China is a full authentication which then must be verified by the local embassy.

I need a US notary for my client who lives in New Zealand. Do you have a notary with a US stamp?

A Notary is only able to notarized documents in their own country. A New Zealand notary is recognised in the US as is an US Notary recognised in New Zealand.

We need to get an Apostille Certificate for our Power of Attorney? Can you please advise if a notary public is able to assist in providing this?

The Notary will witness your signing on the Power of Attorney. They can then arrange for the Apostille with the Department of Internal Affairs if required. Alternatively you are able to arrange that yourself using the application form on the (Authentications link).

I am looking for a Notary who can do a Medallion Signature Guarantee needed by a bank in the USA?

This is not something prepared by a Notary. The notary can verify your identification to the standards required by the US Bank.

I am an Australian living in NZ. I want to know if there is anyone locally who can sign an Australian affidavit.

Check with the lawyer preparing the affidavit in Australia who is an acceptable witness. Sometimes a New Zealand lawyer is sufficient. Otherwise a Notary is able to act as the witness and be accepted in the Australian Courts.